Your Whimsical Holiday Shopping Guide

Well it's that time of year; bring on the sales! I know there are so many specials and offers going on now, and since my work is spread out in many different places, I thought it would be best to throw together a quick guide. Below is a list of sites where my artwork is posted and the sales happening at each one. I will also keep this guide updated throughout the season as deals change. So, if you plan on purchasing anything of mine, check here first so you don't miss out on any promo codes or exclusive offers.


Teepublic offers plenty of great apparel for everyone at excellent prices. Currently they are offering $14 t-shirts, $35 hoodies, and more! You can find my Teepublic store here, with a couple of my personal favorites below.  

"Worth Melting For" in kids sizes!

"Infinite Nouveau" 


Society6 has anything and everything. Mugs, rugs, clocks, shower curtains, you name it. Through Sunday, they are offering free shipping worldwide + $5 off everything when you use this link. Here's a few of my favorite products that you can find here. Need a his and hers Gambit and Rogue mug set? Check! Maybe a tote bag of a fierce dragon queen? I've got that as well.  


...and Rogue



Last but not least is RedBubble. They recently started carrying a lot of the same products as Society6, with a couple exceptions. The travel mugs are my personal favorite as they are a necessity in life. Right now they have 3 days left for standard shipping on tote bags, pillows, and skins. My RedBubble store is here if you wish to take a look. 

"The Storm Inside of Me". While Elsa normally makes things chilly, I guarantee this travel mug will keep your drinks toasty.

"Alive Again"

"Lady Loki" causing mischief on your phone.

If you have any questions for me, you can click on the Contact page and I will be sure to answer as quickly as I can. Remember that shopping at any of these websites support not just me but many other independent artists across the world. Thanks so much friends, and happy shopping! :) 


Villains and Heroes: An Official Announcement

Hello friends! I wanted to take this opportunity to finally divulge on an ongoing project I've been working on since the spring...

I'm thrilled to officially announce that I'm currently in the development phase of my own webcomic, Pandora.

What, (or who) is Pandora you may ask. I present to you the official synopsis:

Cosplayer and geek by day, Skylar Madison moonlights as the mischievous supervillain Pandora. In possession of some wicked pyrokinesis, she’s out to cause chaos and destruction….or something like that. There’s just one problem: the local goody-two shoes Fissure is totally out to spoil her fun. Justice and Order- what a drag!
Emily dreams of becoming the world’s greatest defense lawyer. Unfortunately, Justice may be blind, but she has a nasty sense of humor. Gifted with unique powers, Emily finds herself under pressure -from the Mayor (her dad) and the city- to don the mantle of Fissure and defend the citizens of Valasca from ill, specifically from a wildly mischievous and power-crazed supervillain. Some days, Pandora is just more than she can bear!
While the two madly juggle their private lives and respective power complexes, a storm is brewing in Valasca, and the girls are going to need every ounce of super ability, all four alter egos, and a few snappy sidekicks to overcome it – and each other.


and her real identity Skye

I am so incredibly privileged to be collaborating on this project with Two Cities Jess! I had the original concept for Pandora back in March, and it has been because of her brilliant mind that we have been able to create this vast and exciting world. We are so thrilled to be able to share it with you all!

Long story short, Pandora's inception was the combination of various inspirations coming together all at once. For my birthday this year, a friend gave me a little book called How to Be a Villain (check it out it's gold). I loved the book so much I was immediately inspired to create a story revolving around a mischievous supervillainess, her archenemies, and the consequences of their actions in their constant fight against each other. 

Some weeks later I discovered Noelle Stevenson's Nimona (which happens to be one of the greatest comics I've ever read), and after Jess and I were completely hooked we were inspired to pursue our dream and create a comic. Combine all of these influences with my sudden vision of a green-haired supervillian playing rpgs and eating Chinese takeout, and we had the beginnings of Pandora

Fissure aka Emily Clark

The drawings you see here are just a small glimpse of months of visual development. We have a long way to go, but we actually have a lot completed as well! We hope that this labor of love will be as meaningful to you as it has been for us. Creating a comic has been a journey that I have always wanted to take, and while it is a tad frightening and overwhelming to begin with, I'm so happy to be taking it with Jess, my friends, and all of you.

There is plenty of work to be done still, but rest assured that I will be rolling out plenty of new developments in the coming weeks and months! 

To be the first to hear about new developments on this project, follow us over on Tumblr. We will be frequently posting visual development and other updates as Pandora moves along. We hope to see you there!

Skylar's best friend Elliot

Emily's cousin and sidekick, Connor.

Mutants, Maleficent, and More: 5/25-6/2

Hello again and welcome back! 

This Week

The main project for this last week was illustrating these two famous X-men!

Gambit and Rogue are one of my favorite comic book couples and my fingers have been itching to draw them ever since I began this superhero series. I chose to create these two as a companion piece and goodness it was so much fun I want to create all my illustrations in pairs now!

I absolutely adore that particular Rogue costume so I made very few changes to it, while Gambit’s outfit is a mix of several of his most well-known costumes with a bit of a modern and streamlined flair. 

Gambit, illustrated entirely in Photoshop Cs5 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.

Rogue, illustrated entirely in Photoshop Cs5 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet

Overall, I was very much inspired by John Tyler Christopher’s "Queen of Hearts", which in my opinion is probably one of the greatest pieces of comic book art of all time….it just gives me a lot of feelings and I could ramble on and on about it. 

Gambit and Rogue Process

After my rough sketches are all cleaned up and my inking is done, I start coloring. My coloring techniques are a conglomeration of multiple methods I have observed from other artists online. The process gif shown here gives a small idea of how I completed this piece. Starting with flat colors, I then used a feathered brush get into those dark areas and create the illusion that the figure is rounded. After that had several layers of the hard brush to get that cell shaded effect, with a final texture overlay to make the layers "mix" together. The key for the most part is lots of layers and lots of blending modes. 

The texture overlays I have been using for this series come from Texture Palace. I found this site awhile ago and it is an excellent resource. There are hundreds of free images in excellent high quality resolution, so I highly recommend bookmarking this website. 

Offers this week

Click here to get FREE SHIPPING in my Society6 store until June 8th at midnight PST. Following in the footsteps of Society6, Redbubble is now selling tote bags. Go take a look!

Gambit and Rogue have been posted in both of the above shops. 

Looking Ahead

Currently I'm looking at several exciting prospects, which I can't say quite yet... I will give you a hint for one: I am currently developing a very gigantic but exciting project, and it involves a visual storytelling medium that is often found online... I know that's vague but I'll be releasing more info little by little in the future. 

Finally, I saw a certain movie featuring a certain Disney villainess, and I feel strongly compelled to draw some fan art. Look for that soon!


I created two illustrations featuring Gambit and Rogue and explained the creative and coloring process. Society6 is having free shipping, and I'm looking forward to some exciting prospects and illustrating some Maleficent fan art!


"When you believe in a thing believe in it all the way- implicitly and unquestionable." ~Walt Disney


A Journey New Begin...

Hello my lovely friends!

Welcome to my fancy new blog! Pull up a chair, sit down, and let's have a chat...

"Blog" has always been an intimidating word for me. I know I'm weird, but sometimes instead of viewing blogs as an excellent way to express myself verbally, I see them as some invisible internet creature that is constantly watching you and needing attention. Ideally when writing a blog, I'm supposed to sit in front of my computer blissfully drinking a mug of tea while beautiful flowery words pour fourth from the keys under my fingers, as birds fly outside my window and sing to me as they do in any Disney film. Ah yes for the inspired, blogs are welcoming, joyful, and rewarding things.

But what about the times you aren't inspired to write and the blog goes without being updated for months? (which 99.9% of the time this seems to be the case). Does the blog beast come out of the computer screen and verbally attack me relentlessly until I begrudgingly type out rambling paragraphs with way too many adjectives and no real substance, while I simultaneously sob and plead for the pain to end, just for the sake of writing something?

I know, I'm warped...

Anyway, all that rambling aside, perhaps the greatest rationale I had for beginning this blog is my ongoing frustration with certain social media websites that continue to hide my posts from more and more of my page fans. I greatly appreciate every single one of my followers, and it frustrates me to know that that many of them are not able to see a lot of what I post, and therefore are not able to connect with me. I believe that regular progress reports here will prevent anyone from missing important updates and illustrations from week to week. Sometimes it's just nice to have all of your information in one place.

Generally I plan to update every week or every couple weeks, but it depends at least until I figure out a schedule that works best. I will use these posts to provide my progress on my illustrations each week, discuss more in depth about finished pieces, and provide information on sales and promotions going on in my various shops. However, I am also open to answering questions, giving small tutorials, and showing off other inspiring work from fellow artists. This is as much an adventure for me as it is for you, and I'm open to any and all possibilities. 

Ideally, it is my greatest hope that this blog will not be solely one-sided. I love hearing from fellow artists and creators, and I would be thrilled if this became an open forum of creative communication between artists and those that enjoy the product of artistic endeavors. So please contact me, comment, and let's nurture our creativity and inspiration together. Also, I think that will keep the blog creature away; he scares me.


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." ~Albert Einstein