Mutants, Maleficent, and More: 5/25-6/2

Hello again and welcome back! 

This Week

The main project for this last week was illustrating these two famous X-men!

Gambit and Rogue are one of my favorite comic book couples and my fingers have been itching to draw them ever since I began this superhero series. I chose to create these two as a companion piece and goodness it was so much fun I want to create all my illustrations in pairs now!

I absolutely adore that particular Rogue costume so I made very few changes to it, while Gambit’s outfit is a mix of several of his most well-known costumes with a bit of a modern and streamlined flair. 

Gambit, illustrated entirely in Photoshop Cs5 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet.

Rogue, illustrated entirely in Photoshop Cs5 with a Wacom Intuos4 tablet

Overall, I was very much inspired by John Tyler Christopher’s "Queen of Hearts", which in my opinion is probably one of the greatest pieces of comic book art of all time….it just gives me a lot of feelings and I could ramble on and on about it. 

Gambit and Rogue Process

After my rough sketches are all cleaned up and my inking is done, I start coloring. My coloring techniques are a conglomeration of multiple methods I have observed from other artists online. The process gif shown here gives a small idea of how I completed this piece. Starting with flat colors, I then used a feathered brush get into those dark areas and create the illusion that the figure is rounded. After that had several layers of the hard brush to get that cell shaded effect, with a final texture overlay to make the layers "mix" together. The key for the most part is lots of layers and lots of blending modes. 

The texture overlays I have been using for this series come from Texture Palace. I found this site awhile ago and it is an excellent resource. There are hundreds of free images in excellent high quality resolution, so I highly recommend bookmarking this website. 

Offers this week

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Gambit and Rogue have been posted in both of the above shops. 

Looking Ahead

Currently I'm looking at several exciting prospects, which I can't say quite yet... I will give you a hint for one: I am currently developing a very gigantic but exciting project, and it involves a visual storytelling medium that is often found online... I know that's vague but I'll be releasing more info little by little in the future. 

Finally, I saw a certain movie featuring a certain Disney villainess, and I feel strongly compelled to draw some fan art. Look for that soon!


I created two illustrations featuring Gambit and Rogue and explained the creative and coloring process. Society6 is having free shipping, and I'm looking forward to some exciting prospects and illustrating some Maleficent fan art!


"When you believe in a thing believe in it all the way- implicitly and unquestionable." ~Walt Disney