A Journey New Begin...

Hello my lovely friends!

Welcome to my fancy new blog! Pull up a chair, sit down, and let's have a chat...

"Blog" has always been an intimidating word for me. I know I'm weird, but sometimes instead of viewing blogs as an excellent way to express myself verbally, I see them as some invisible internet creature that is constantly watching you and needing attention. Ideally when writing a blog, I'm supposed to sit in front of my computer blissfully drinking a mug of tea while beautiful flowery words pour fourth from the keys under my fingers, as birds fly outside my window and sing to me as they do in any Disney film. Ah yes for the inspired, blogs are welcoming, joyful, and rewarding things.

But what about the times you aren't inspired to write and the blog goes without being updated for months? (which 99.9% of the time this seems to be the case). Does the blog beast come out of the computer screen and verbally attack me relentlessly until I begrudgingly type out rambling paragraphs with way too many adjectives and no real substance, while I simultaneously sob and plead for the pain to end, just for the sake of writing something?

I know, I'm warped...

Anyway, all that rambling aside, perhaps the greatest rationale I had for beginning this blog is my ongoing frustration with certain social media websites that continue to hide my posts from more and more of my page fans. I greatly appreciate every single one of my followers, and it frustrates me to know that that many of them are not able to see a lot of what I post, and therefore are not able to connect with me. I believe that regular progress reports here will prevent anyone from missing important updates and illustrations from week to week. Sometimes it's just nice to have all of your information in one place.

Generally I plan to update every week or every couple weeks, but it depends at least until I figure out a schedule that works best. I will use these posts to provide my progress on my illustrations each week, discuss more in depth about finished pieces, and provide information on sales and promotions going on in my various shops. However, I am also open to answering questions, giving small tutorials, and showing off other inspiring work from fellow artists. This is as much an adventure for me as it is for you, and I'm open to any and all possibilities. 

Ideally, it is my greatest hope that this blog will not be solely one-sided. I love hearing from fellow artists and creators, and I would be thrilled if this became an open forum of creative communication between artists and those that enjoy the product of artistic endeavors. So please contact me, comment, and let's nurture our creativity and inspiration together. Also, I think that will keep the blog creature away; he scares me.


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination." ~Albert Einstein