Commission Terms of Service 

  1. The Artist reserves the right to decline any commission for any reason at any time before payment has been received.
  2. The Artist retains all rights and reproduction rights to the commissioned pieces. This includes but is not limited to: creating and selling prints and other merchandise, and self-promotion. 
  3. The Client reserves all intellectual rights to the character/subjects depicted in the image.
  4. The Artist reserves the right to display the commissioned piece by any means or in any format.
  5. The Artist will receive a royalty fee of 5% of each product sold where the illustration is associated with it. These royalties can be paid to the Artist monthly, annually, or another way that works best for the Client and Artist.
  6. The Client may display and digitally post the image. As long as royalties are being paid, the Client does not have to always credit the artist (although it is appreciated) :) 
  7. The Client may print the commissioned piece as many times as they wish and in any size, for personal use (such as displaying in his or her own home or giving as a gift to friends).
  8. The Client may never sell the commission by itself, or claim that it is their creation. 
  9. The Client may create avatars, icons, etc, by cropping.
  10. The Client may not alter the appearance of the final artwork in any way except by cropping or resizing. 
  11. IMPORTANT: Estimated times for completion of a piece given by the Artist are highly susceptible to change. Unknown delays may occur. Please have patience. If you have concerns, please let the Artist know as soon as the issues arise so that they may be addressed.
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