About Me

Alyssa Bradley — illustrator, designer, photographer, videographer, storyteller, nerd

It is the artist's greatest gift to carry the burdens of life — the tragedies, brokenness, sorrow, but also hope, joy, redemption; all the ups and downs, the quiet moments and the grand ones — and wrestle with them, sort through, and mold them. We take these experiences, craft them into beautiful tangible things and present them to the world, having peace that that these small reflections of our souls will make the burden of life lighter for another.

 I believe that stories are the most powerful force in the world. Stories bring unlikely people together, teach lessons, make us feel things we have never felt before, and challenge us to see life from a different perspective. Behind every piece of my art is a story, a gateway into the whimsical worlds that my brain resides in. Nothing I create is without meaning; everything has a story that is waiting to be set free. 

What I've Been Up To

My day job is a media production specialist at Michigan State University. During the evenings you can usually find me scribbling out nerd comics.

My designs have been printed on popular tee-a-day sites such as Qwertee, Teefury, Shirtpunch, The Yetee, Once Upon a Tee, Unamee, and GraphicLab Tees. My work is also on sale in my RedBubble, Society6, and TeePublic shops.

In 2014, I was privileged to fill the role of Art Director on the indie film "Love is Blind", where I designed the movie poster, illustrated the end credits, and collaborated with the production designer to create various props used in the film. Love is Blind is currently available on Amazon Video.

I recently partnered with director Annalise Ophelian on her upcoming film "Looking for Leia" to create an exclusive illustration for the Kickstarter campaign

Currently, my focus has shifted from pop culture work to more original endeavors, with my current collaborative webcomic and podcast, My Boyfriend is an NPC, and my other podcast Try Me.

All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.
— Walt Disney